Versatile standing frames
and adaptive seating.

Effective postural care

The core of our product range includes the ELLA Standing Frame and ODE Seating System. They are designed for children and youths who require physical assistance in their daily lives and daily activities and who can often be limited in their ability to maintain head and trunk control.


ELLA standing frame

The first step toward the first steps.


ODE seating system

Building the basis.

Superior functionality to quarentee precision

makes daily training and
therapy a lot easier.



It is the little things that makes the difference. 

Timoteos believes in improved precision in postural management. When the aid is designed to adjust to postural challenges and helps maintaining the desired posture it simply makes a difference in everyday life.


Ease of use

Do you feel like a mechanic? You should not! 

Timoteos focus is in easy use of our products, so that you can be what you are; a parent or a carer. Setting up our products, making daily adjustments, transporting or storing is made fast and logical, operated by your own hands or with one tool followed with the product.



More as standard means less in accessories.

We are building our products so that you don’t have to do it. Timoteos products include lots of functionality build-in as standard feature. Standard functionality is enhanced with selected choice of value adding accessories for those who are in need of additional support.