Headaloft has been shown to be extremely effective for children and adults with motor disorders, neuromuscular disorders, neurological disorders (e.g. cerebral palsy), and physical injuries.

Headaloft is a patented, innovative solution for children and adults who lack head control. Made of high-quality, durable fabric, Headaloft comfortably and gently holds the head upright in a versatile, non-restrictive manner. Suitable for all seating, standing and mobility devices equipped with a headrest, Headaloft  is the ultimate head support add-on solution. It is easy to install, can be transferred quickly between wheelchair and car seat or any other type of seat or standing device that has a headrest. 

CE-marked medical device, Class I according to the classification rules of Annex VIII (EU) 2017/745

Why use the Headaloft?

The Problem

Many children who use seating systems and standers lack head control and are unable to hold their head upright to various extents. This negatively affects their day-to-day life, causing functional difficulties around breathing, swallowing, and communicating, as well as self-esteem issues.

The Need

A comfortable solution providing stable and versatile head support while seated or standing, safety car seat, stroller, or any other seating and mobility device equipped with a headrest.

The Solution

FDA and CE registered, patented Headaloft is a life-changing product; an easy to use, non-restrictive head support solution for those who lack head control. Headaloft comfortably and gently holds the head upright, reducing neck discomfort and allowing for easier breathing, feeding, and communication. Being breathable, washable, and affordable, it meets all the needs.

Benefits for the client

Better Body Symmetry
Supporting the head and aligning the body centralizes the head in an upright position, which helps relieve aches and pains, and enhances self-esteem.

Smoother Breathing
Lifting the head up opens the airways letting in more oxygen.

Easier Eating / Swallowing
Keeping the head elevated reduces choking hazards for both solids and liquids while ensuring an easier feeding experience for caregivers and smoother swallowing for the user.

Enhanced Communication
Better eye contact heightens social engagement while open airways make talking easier.

Eye Gaze Control
Clients gain the ability to practice eye-gaze control which allows for expanded learning opportunities and greater fulfillment potential.

Ergonomic Neck Support
Padded, breathable, and washable all-day comfort. With its unique occipital support add-on, the neck is supported, greatly reducing the level of stress on the neck as well as aches and pains.

Features & Functionalities

Ease of Use

Headaloft is extremely easy to attach by simply attaching the product to device own head rest using the strap fastening. Switching between devices, removing it to storage or for washing is as simple and as fast as strapping it on.

Putting on the Headaloft is as easy as it looks to be. Simply choose the right size forehead band, attach it by velcro and you are ready to go. Changemaker is the hinge on forehead band that facilitates putting the Headaloft on client.


Headaloft fits to all head rest types. Because of this it can be used in seating systems, standers, wheelcahirs, car seats, strollers and actually in every device that has a head rest.

Comfortable & Washable

Headaloft is made of high-quality, soft and durable fabric. It has thick and soft foam padding supporting around the head. Headaloft requires no real maintenance and it is washable in washing machine in temperatures up to 30°C. 

Occipital Support 

When needed an additional occipital support cushion is available. Attaching is with velcro and used when additional support is needed in the neck area.

Crash Tested

Headaloft is crash tested under US crash test standard FMVSS 213, NPRM 213.


Whilst Headaloft is an effective product it still is a simple product. Yet again it is easy to use and is interchangeable. This combination of simplicity and interchangeability makes it also affordable. You can use the same support in multiple devices and avoid those accumulative costs.

Size Guide

Headaloft can fit to any head size.

Head band itself is a “one size fits all” – model. However you have three sizes of forehead bands available: Small, Medium and Large. Simply choose the one that best fits to client head circumference and attach that to head band with velcro fastening.

Installation guide


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