Products for standig and seating

The Timo products range consist of standing frame for physical therapy and seating system for occupational therapy. We are selectively growing our portfolio through own product development and through carefully selected distribution products like HeAdaloft. 

For whom?

Timo products are mainly used with children, teenagers and young adults suffering of for example Cerebral Palsy (CP), muscular dystrophy, spina bifida and/or spinal cord injuries. It is possible to use Timo products in any similar cases where the rehabilitation of individual requires or individual benefits of assisted standing or seating.


ELLA standing frame

The first step toward the first steps.

Functional leader with a perfect fit. Supine, prone, upright and abducted standing in one.


ODE seating system

Building the basis.

Meet the new standards… Precision and Versatility.



Breathe | Communicate | Live

Patented, innovative solution for children and adults who lack head control.