Making daily activities easier

• Parenting and caring for a child with disabilities can be demanding.
Well supported, adaptive standing and seating both play an important part in physical rehabilitation and preventing postural distortion.

• Comfortable position improves relaxation and reduces spasticity, making most everyday activities easier.
With carefully designed adjustable supports, adapting to a wide range of physical and physiological demands, a comfortable position is easy to find.

• Timoteos provides products for this purpose.
We are very proud to have developed standing and seating products that have proven to be a big help for the most demanding needs.

Timoteos in 2018

Focused on easing the lives of disabled children, their parents and caregivers.

Family owned.

Manufacturing in Finland.


how did it begin?

“How do I make the chair adapt to the child’s growth?” thought Timo Lehtinen, as he was approached by a PT for the second time within just a few months. He was working in the woodshop of the regional hospital in the city of Pori, and had recently made a chair to measure for a boy with cerebral palsy. Now, the boy had outgrown the chair and needed a new one.

The year was 1993. Just two years earlier, Timo had ended a 12 year period of entrepreneurship, making interiors for restaurants and banks. This due to the Finnish banking crisis, which put a complete stop to all building and refurbishing activities of banks.

Doing product development in his free time, Timo discovered his ability to design and produce functional, adjustable products. Since he had the tools and machinery for woodworking, birch plywood was chosen as the main raw material. After being acquainted with the right people, the first units were sold. In 1996, Timoteos was incorporated, and Timo left the job at the hospital to once again be an entrepreneur.

Timoteos has since moved from wood to materials better suited for the advanced level of products manufactured today.

With the strong support of domestic and export partners, Timoteos has been able to continue developing and manufacturing assistive devices, making them easier to use and more functional with every step.

3 in 1 standing frame