Making daily activities easier

Parenting and caring for a child with disabilities can be demanding.
Well supported, adaptive standing and seating both play an important part in physical rehabilitation and preventing postural distortion.

Comfortable position improves relaxation and reduces spasticity, making most everyday activities easier.
With carefully designed adjustable supports, adapting to a wide range of physical and physiological demands, a comfortable postion is easier to find.

The purpose of Timoteos is to provide products with functional advantages that helps making the daily activieties easier for children, their parents and their carers.

3 in 1 standing frame

how did it begin?

“How do I make the chair adapt to the child’s growth?” thought Timo Lehtinen, as he was approached by a PT for the second time within just a few months. 

The year was 1993 and Timo and was working in the woodshop of the regional hospital in the city of Pori, and had recently made a chair to measure for a boy with cerebral palsy. Now, the boy had outgrown the chair and needed a new one.

While doing the product development on his free time Timo discovered his ability to design and produce functional, adjustable products whereas marketing was a challenge to this clever minded engineer. However as it many times happen, after being acquainted with the right people in 1996, Timoteos was incorporated, and the story could really begin.

What we are today?

Originally, until 2013, Timoteos products were produced using wood as material and plenty of different kinds of products were made for children with vast range of disabilities. The year 2013 was a turning point for the company. That year the decision to focus was made. Company chose to be small, but highly experticed to children and adolecent with severe disabilities. Clients with CMFCS classification 4 and 5.  

A decision was made to discontinue twelve out of its thirteen products, wood as main material was changed to aluminum and steel and from from now on the focus of the product development was in functional superiority.

With the strong support of domestic and export partners, Timoteos has been able to continue developing and manufacturing assistive devices, making them easier to use and more functional with every step. Today the core of our company are ELLA Stander and ODE Seating System. We continue working on the functionalities of these products aiming to make them better and better for our clients, their parents and their carers. The same time we are working to develop products that will fulfill the needs of the same clients as they also bath, toilet and sleep. We have made a promise to ourselves to never develop anything which will not create added value for our clients, for their parents or for their carers. This promise is what we are today.