While the standard setup is sufficient in a majority of cases, there are additional accessories available for further precision and support.

To order a standard setup product, it is easy with just one product code, please see below. To add accessories to a standard setup product, please see the order information document available below.

It is also possible to completely customize your stander with the different modules in order to ensure a perfect fit. The details for custom ordering and all accessories can be found below in the order information document.

You can mix and match different sizes of components in order to meet specific measurements.


Ella standing frame standard setup

Art.Nr. Description
Manual tilt
9310 Ella standing frame size 1 manual tilt
9320 Ella standing frame size 2 manual tilt
9330 Ella standing frame size 3 manual tilt
Powered tilt
9311 Ella standing frame size 1 powered tilt
9321 Ella standing frame size 2 powered tilt
9331 Ella standing frame size 3 powered tilt
9341 Ella standing frame size 4 powered tilt

Custom ordering
and all accessories



ELLA 3 in 1 stander