ELLA – 3 in 1 stander

The first step toward the first steps.


  • Only one tool (included with the product) needed for the setup and full adjustment

  • The base folds for compact storage and transport

  • Intuitive and logical adjustments make adaptations exceptionally easy


  • Soft padding and comfortable upholstery

  • Fully adaptable supports ensure a good standing position


  • Prone and supine standing with simple and quick switching

  • Advanced leg and foot positioning meets the most demanding needs


  • Individually adjustable components adapt to very specific needs

  • 90° stepless tilt function, manual or powered




ELLA standing frame

Standing is an important part of physical therapy and an essential step in a child’s development. The Ella standing frame adapts easily into the most demanding needs related to standing.

Increasing muscle tone, stretching the muscles, strengthening the bones and ligaments, while preventing postural disorders can be done effortlessly with the Ella.

The Ella is a 3-in-1 stander, which can accommodate full range from supine, through to upright and prone standing.

The comfortable supports, functional versatility and ease of use provide facility to the everyday life of families of children with disabilities.

The Ella is a 3-in-1 stander, which can accommodate full range from supine, through to upright and prone standing. It is supremely adaptable to client individuality with smart ergonomics and easy setup.

With a 90° stepless tilt range, either manually operated with a gas spring or powered with an electric actuator, the standing angle can be determined very precisely

Ella standing frame

Assisted standing programs are employed as part of the postural management approach for children through to adults who are unable to independently maintain well aligned standing or who have limited mobility in the upright position.

With the Ella, everyday standing training is simple and easy. Even the setup process is simple and with the initial adjustment to measures done, the finalizing adjustments can be done while the client is in the stander.

The user benefits from the versatile standard functionality in a way that few products can match.

Standing height is close to what it would be naturally, making interaction with peers easier. This is made possible by the base structure with an open centre in the front.

Only one tool required for setup and adjustments. The Ella is a reliable, low-maintenance stander, with intuitive functions and simple adjustments.

Once a need is recognized, the Ella is easily adapted to that specific need, saving time and effort.

The lifting height, meaning the height from the floor to the support surfaces in horizontal position for client transfer, is optimized for easy operation, while maintaining a good balance for the product in all standing angles. The product foot print is small, saving floor space in use.

Switching between supine and prone setup
does not require replacement of any components.
The head rest is the only component separating the two.


We can use the Ella with the range of posterior supports to allow the supine positions, useful for low tone, where poor head or trunk control is a problem, encouraging the learning of a more stable standing position, encouraging a more upright position as tolerance allows and improves.


We can use the Ella with the range of anterior supports to achieve an active and dynamic position when in prone. Research demonstrates that when positioned either in an upright close to neutral position or tilted moderately in to a prone angle we can maximise the benefits to spinal extension, create benefits for increasing bone density and growth, as well as providing an optimal position to allow a stretch of the muscle mass, and play a part in preventing contractures. Functional implications and participation is also maximised, allowing interaction in multiple environments, home, classroom, and otherwise, facilitating occupation in the prone position.